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These external links connect to sample tours, trails and videos that show various public Olmsted landscapes. The organizations/agencies and their websites are independent from National Association for Olmsted Parks and are included here only as a resource you may wish to explore.

Listed with the Tours, Trails & Videos are links to the related Olmsted Project Details Pages.

Olmsted Legacy Trail (online visit - multi project)
A Project of the Connecticut Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects
Olmsted Legacy Trail - Beardsley Park
00691 Beardsley Park
Olmsted Legacy Trail - Seaside Park
12021 Seaside Park (2/1)
New Britain
Olmsted Legacy Trail - Walnut Hill Park
00600 Walnut Hill Park (New Britain - Proposed Park)
Olmsted Legacy Trail - Old North Cemetery
02933 Old North Cemetery (Olmsted Tomb)
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Bike Tour: Wyman Park to Herring Run and Neighborhoods (multi project)
A bike tour tracing several of the parks, park connections, and neighborhoods that were planned and designed by the Olmsted Brothers.
Courtesy of Friends of Maryland’s Olmsted Parks and Landscapes.

02400 Baltimore Parks Municipal Art Society
02401 Baltimore Park System
02404 Wyman Park (stops 1 and 9)
02428 Wyman Park Extension (stop 1)
02376 Johns Hopkins University (stops 1 and 9)
07724 Baltimore Museum of Art (stops 1 and 9)
02425 Herring Run Park (stop 4)
02210 Roland Park (stop 5)
07576 Garrett, John. W. (stop 5)
02436 Venable Park (stop 6)
02423 Parkway, Clifton to Patterson
02424 Patterson, Clifton-, Parkway
03391 Guilford Park Company (stop 8)
02447 Baltimore City Plan
A Virtual Walk with Olmsted (and Company) (online tour)
Explore the Stonehurst landscape through words and images of the past.
Courtesy of Robert Treat Paine Historical Trust and the City of Waltham

00677 STONEHURST (Paine, R.T.)
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The Best Planned City: Olmsted, Vaux and the Buffalo Park System (video)
Featuring LALH author Francis R. Kowsky, this short film explores the development of the nation’s first park system, designed for Buffalo by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux in 1868. They were inspired by Second Empire Paris and included the first system of "parkways" for an American city. Displaying the plan at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, Olmsted declared Buffalo "the best planned city, as to its streets, public places, and grounds, in the United States, if not in the world."
Courtesy of the Library of the American Landscape History (LALH)

00700 Buffalo Parks
00702, 00705, 00719 Delaware Park
00706 Front, The
00712 Parade Refectory
Celebrating Our Olmsted Legacy - Olmsted Park Centennial (video)
A short film was produced in 2003 to mark the Centennial of the Olmsted Brothers’ contribution to the public park and greenbelt system in Seattle, including Seward Park (02724), Colman Park (02721) and the Washington Park Arboretum (02699).
Courtesy of City of Seattle and Seattle Channel

02690 Seattle Parks

Volunteer Park (Seattle) (online walking tour)
A walking tour showing how the history of the city is woven into the landscape of the park in the same way that the park is woven into the life of the city.
Courtesy of History Link Tours and Volunteer Park Trust

02695 Volunteer Park

Interlaken Boulevard & Park (Seattle) (walking tour)
A self-guided walking tour recounting the history of Interlaken Boulevard and Park and the Olmsted context.
Courtesy of Friends of Seattle’s Olmsted Parks

02713 Interlaken Boulevard

Future Tour Development Back to Top
As part of OlmstedOnline.org NAOP plans to develop digital tours that will introduce visitors to Olmsted projects in different locales. If you have information that would be helpful in preparing these tours or links to existing tours of Olmsted landscapes, please contact NAOPOlmstedOnline@gmail.com.